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greffe cordes vocales
21 Nov

vocal cord graft, a myth? Not sure !

Since several decades, medicine doctors have constantly  improved organs draft methods. Nowadays the results are impressive : less rejects, less complications and less invasive surgeries for patients. However a problem has not changed : the lack of donors. Indeed this factor is independent from medical research and it is not […]

25 Oct

Vaccine against influenza : confection

I am sure you have already heard about these Influenza episods. Every year, the same story is repeated, we can see on TV or hear on the radio these advertisements for the vaccine of the year. Do you know the reason why every year, scientists have to produce a new […]

Sperm approaching an unfertilized egg prior to conception.
19 Sep

A breakthrough against infertility

Today, I am going to talk about a nice discovery that will help scientists to fight male infertility. Indeed, a French start–up just achieved to produce fully formed human spermatozoa. We are talking about something that researchers have been trying for 15 years. How did they manage to do that? […]

18 Sep

Thérapie immunitaire vs Leucémie Lymphoïde Chronique

10 Sep

A new step towards curing chronic myelogenous leukemia

This is a new article about an amazing study that gives great hope for fighting against leukemia. Actually this new treatment targets most particularly chronic myelogenous leukemia. And I am proud to announce that this discovery was made by French researchers, from the CEA (Atomic energy and alternatives energies commission). […]