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25 Oct

Vaccine against influenza : confection

I am sure you have already heard about these Influenza episods. Every year, the same story is repeated, we can see on TV or hear on the radio these advertisements for the vaccine of the year. Do you know the reason why every year, scientists have to produce a new […]

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19 Oct


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06 Oct

Two human brains connected remotely

В словаре Larousse телепатия это передача каких-либо мыслей, или впечатлений от человека к другому без связи с известными сенсорными путьми. Похоже, на научную фантастику ? Тем не менее, это всего лишь наука ! И мы расскажем об этом в 2 шагах от науки! Исследователи Вашингтонского университета провели первый эксперимент, который […]

23 Sep

Discovery of a new hominid species

When Lee Berger hired two cavers to explore some South African caves in search of fossils, he probably did not expect to discover a whole new species of hominid. However, in the Rising Star cave, lying 48km north of Johanessburg, a newfound chamber revealed a huge collection of fossils, enough […]

18 Sep

Thérapie immunitaire vs Leucémie Lymphoïde Chronique

10 Sep

A new step towards curing chronic myelogenous leukemia

This is a new article about an amazing study that gives great hope for fighting against leukemia. Actually this new treatment targets most particularly chronic myelogenous leukemia. And I am proud to announce that this discovery was made by French researchers, from the CEA (Atomic energy and alternatives energies commission). […]

26 Aug

Back from the USA

After a few weeks of holidays I am back to continue my journey with you guys with 2 Steps From Science! I was for a few days in New York and I had the opportunity to visit the American Museum of Natural History, which was simply awesome! I really advise […]

18 Jul

Dossier ADN et clonage

  Salut tout le monde ! Comme promis, voici mon dossier complet sur l’ADN et le clonage. L’ADN est une molécule immense dont le nom complet est Acide Désoxyribo Nucléique. Cette molécule est présente dans toutes les cellules et est en fait une sorte de code qui définit toutes les caractéristiques […]

17 Jul

Back to the future !

  Hello tout le monde ! Un petit post de circonstance alors que le nouveau film « Jurassic World » est encore au cinéma et qu’une équipe de recherche annonce avoir découvert le premier génome mitochondrial d’une espèce éteinte (un bison des steppes). L’idée m’est venue d’écrire sur la réintroduction […]