Chronicles of atoms and galaxies (Hubert Reeves)

27 Jul


Today I’m taking a few minutes to advise you a very nice book that I read a few years ago. This book called chronicles of atoms and galaxies deals with infinitely big and infinitely small, answering questions that everybody has such as : “what is black matter? antimatter? what are the Universe limits?”. All in all, a lot of fascinating subjects

This book written by Hubert Reeves is very easy to read and gives a nice idea of all these phenomena which are explained in a metaphorical way to make you understand everything and visualize these difficult concepts (sometimes it is a bit like poetry). Hubert Reeves is very well known as a scientist and as an author of science vulgarization. I really advise you this book if physics is your passion. If you are interested in this book, I give you the Amazon link (be aware that if you are using an add blocker, you won’t see the link). This book costs only 6.60€. I would be pleased to have the opinion of those who will read it !

Talk to you guys soon !

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