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Geek at heart, I began my studies by an engineering school in computer science… but after one year I turned into science, my real passion. After a bachelor degree at the University of Lorraine in the field of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, I did a Master’s degree in biophysics (adwarded by several institutions : University Paris-South, University Paris-Descartes, Ecole Polytechnique, ENS of Cachan and INSTN). Nowadays, I am pursuing my education with a PhD in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance in the CEA of Saclay and in the Synchrotron SOLEIL in Paris. In the same time, I am teaching at the University Paris-South.

After all these years, my geek side caught me again and I wanted to create a website. One has to know that one of the most difficult task in my daily life is to explain what I am doing to my friends in a easy way. The creation of 2 Steps From Science was then an excellent way to share with you the last findings in science.

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Why am I facing science? Because I love the stories, and what better than the history of life?
Since my childhood I was interested in animal behavior, then in high school, I discovered that the “real actors” of the living are the molecules and atoms.
That is why during my University course, I quickly specialized in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. I completed a Bachelor and a Masters from the University of Lorraine during which I explored the different disciplines for the study of proteins.
Today I am PhD student at the Pasteur Institute and lecturer at the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.
I try more often to write articles that do not directly relate to my field to broaden my scientific culture because throughout my career I will have to update me and learn.
When I say that I loved the stories, I also thought the other two pillars in my life that are video games and comic book. But that’s another story.
Peace, Love & Science

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