greffe cordes vocales
21 Nov

vocal cord graft, a myth? Not sure !

Since several decades, medicine doctors have constantly  improved organs draft methods. Nowadays the results are impressive : less rejects, less complications and less invasive surgeries for patients. However a problem has not changed : the lack of donors. Indeed this factor is independent from medical research and it is not […]

14 Nov

The mysteries of dark matter

Today, we are leaving for a trip. Our destination ? Matter. This travel will bring you towards fondamental principles of matter to finish with misteries of dark matter. Fasten your belts, let’s go !   Introduction about matter   Everything that exists is composed of matter. Matter can be found in differents […]

31 Oct

The pig : organ donor

Everything is good in the pig, especially for organ transplantation in humans. Unlike the saying goes, I would say that the pig would be our best friend (sorry Rex). It’s been several decades that the animal is used in medicine for the production of heparin (anticoagulant) and cardiac surgery (aortic […]

25 Oct

Vaccine against influenza : confection

I am sure you have already heard about these Influenza episods. Every year, the same story is repeated, we can see on TV or hear on the radio these advertisements for the vaccine of the year. Do you know the reason why every year, scientists have to produce a new […]

Sans titre
19 Oct


Sans titre
06 Oct

Two human brains connected remotely

If I refer to the Larousse dictionary, it is telepathy which I will talk about today. That is to say, the transmission of any thoughts or impressions of a person to another without any communication with known sensory pathways. Science fiction you say? Yet it’s just the Science! And hop […]

quantum-computing-super-atom - copie
03 Oct

A revolution in computer science : The quantum computing

You thought you knew everything about computer science? But have you already heard about quantum information science? This field that uses quantum computing, working thanks to quantum mechanics properties. Before telling you more about this, we should see together some preliminary definitions. What is quantum mechanics and what is different […]

29 Sep

Photos of the supermoon

Here are my pictures of the supermoon taken from the north-east of France. I have to admit that my non-professional stuff was not enough to get the perfect result. This is why I am giving you several pictures taken all around the word to make you dream ! I hope […]

23 Sep

Discovery of a new hominid species

When Lee Berger hired two cavers to explore some South African caves in search of fossils, he probably did not expect to discover a whole new species of hominid. However, in the Rising Star cave, lying 48km north of Johanessburg, a newfound chamber revealed a huge collection of fossils, enough […]

Sperm approaching an unfertilized egg prior to conception.
19 Sep

A breakthrough against infertility

Today, I am going to talk about a nice discovery that will help scientists to fight male infertility. Indeed, a French start–up just achieved to produce fully formed human spermatozoa. We are talking about something that researchers have been trying for 15 years. How did they manage to do that? […]